A Rainbow of Colors!

Ammonite / Ammolite

Buffalo Stone


The Southern Alberta Blackfoot Nation has long called the colourful fossils of Ammonite "Buffalo Stone"  Legend has it that the Buffalo stone spoke to a young women and told her of ways to call the Buffalo.

65+ Million Years Old


Found only in Alberta, Ammonite  with the brilliant colour spectrum springs to life with a rainbow of colours. These ancient fossils are revered for the ancient energy provided and the naturally vibrant colours.  Rare and stunningly beautiful, Ammolite is a Fossil worth learning about at the Empire gallery.

Artisans at Work


Ammonite is the fossil, and Ammolite is the gemstone.    Our artisans prepare Ammonite fossils by cleaning, polishing, and for Ammonite pieces setting them into jewellery.    

Colour Spectrum


The closest gemstone comparison is often an opal.   While opals may have a colour variation, Ammolite is recognized as having the widest spectrum.   Common colours include Green and Red.   Rarer colours include yellow, gold, orange, blue and purple.   Even more rare is pink.   Ammolite is the only gemstone to cover Feng Shui's Seven Chakra Colors.

Jewellery Options


Jewellery fashioned from Ammonite  which includes Cabochons (as shown) and Free-Forms.   In addition full fossils and ammonite pieces are often used as Art Pieces.

Feng Shui


Ammolite is recognized by Feng Shui masters for it's ancient energy.   Ammolite is art, whether that be in the form of jewellery, or a  fossil.  Ammolite brings beauty and the energy treasured by Fung Shui.