A Rainbow of Colors!

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Empire Ammolite Retail

Empire Ammolite Retail is located in Bankers Hall in Downtown Calgary.   A trip to the Empire Ammolite store is an experience.  Empire not only displays unique jewellery and fossils, we design and manufacture them right before your eyes.   Empire utilises Canada’s rich heritage and brings the energy of 75 million year old fossils (ammonite) to life.  Come by and see our artisans at work preparing fossils and designing outstanding art pieces and jewellery …  we love to share our knowledge of this unique gemstone. 

Share in the Feng Shui energy of Ammolite; absorb the earth's energy and be dazzled by a rainbow of colors.


Empire Ammolite Distribution

Empire Ammolite Distribution is in the wholesale business of supplying Ammolite products for world wide markets.   We supply Ammolite Art Pieces, Fossils, Jewellery, Free-forms and Ammolite Cabochons.


Empire Ammolite Mines

 Empire Ammolite Mines is located in Southern Alberta Canada and supplies the Empire Group of Companies with the 75 Million Year old Fossils (ammonite) that are the basis of Art Pieces and Jewellery.    

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